The Truth About SEO


Most small business websites will get better short-term ROI investing in paid advertising instead of search engine optimization .


I will tell you the truth. It takes 6 months to 1 year to get any significant search ranking improvement in most competitive markets.


Anybody who tells you different is full of it. Run, don’t walk to the nearest exit. The SEO services industry is notorious for false promises and outright fraud.


SEO (search engine optimization) refers to methods to get top ranking on search engines like Google organically, that is without paying for advertising. These methods include keywords, backlinks and traffic.

Think of it as a war and your enemy, the competition is entrenched at the top of  the Google hill by making effective use of keywords on their site that are relevant to your industry.  You need to deploy SEO assets (keywords, backlinks, traffic)  to take that hill.  But your enemies are dug in.  See them there on top?  That means they are the WINNERS and not easily deposed from their lofty perch. They have been fortifying their position for a long time; so it will be difficult to take them out. I’m not saying it can’t be done. You can make significant ranking improvement with sustained effort over time. I just want you to know the truth about what you are up against.
For example, let’s say you are a local service provider in Los Angeles, CA.  It could be any type of service business: accounting, law, construction, whatever.  But let’s just say you are starting your own plumbing business and you want to get your brand-spanking new website along with its freshly minted domain name to the top of Google pronto. 
If you go on Google and search for “plumber in Los Angeles”.  You will find that Rooter Hero and Mike Diamond plumbing are at the top of the search results on page one as they have been for years.  Just fyi, both these companies have their own full-time staff working on nothing but SEO. 


Let’s compare the cost of SEO to search engine marketing (paid online advertising). You need to be on page one or page two at the worst; NOT page 3 or lower. Virtually nobody searches past page two.  Consider the potential ROI (return on investment) of your planned SEO campaign.  In order to compete with a full-time SEO staff; you would need a minimum of a $5k/ month SEO budget over a full year to get any traction at all against them.  Meanwhile, your competition isn’t just standing still.  They continue to advance and reinforce their own SEO positions as you are trying to come up the hill.  You are not competing against ZERO movement.  You have to  INCREMENTALLY  beat their ongoing, successful efforts.  So you have to go faster and farther in order to top them on the search results.

What’s The Opportunity Cost Of SEO?

Now think how much new business you could have got for $5k/mo. of paid online advertising instead of SEO.  That’s the opportunity cost of spending your advertising budget on SEO instead of online advertising like Google Adwords pay-per-click.
The truth is that in all big city markets such as Los Angeles, service providers like Rooter Hero and Mike Diamond have been at the top of Google search results now for years!  They are entrenched and that is not a hill you want to die on.  There may have been an SEO land grab in the beginning of the Internet but now most competitive markets have been “settled” and it is extremely difficult to grab market share from them unless you have a massive budget over a long period of time… OR if you have unique content that is so compelling it beats your competitors’ products.  More on that below.
That’s probably not what you were hoping to hear.  Instead, you likely wanted me to heartily assure you that I can get your website to “page 1 of Google” in under 30 days just by waving my magic wand.  Any SEO snake oil salesman who talks to you like that is preying upon you.  Read on for an SEO self-defense, street fighting lesson.

“For immediate sales, go with paid online advertising instead of SEO!” ~ Dave

The optimal strategy is to allocate portions of your advertising budget to BOTH SEO AND paid online advertising.  Just make sure you are using the right tools for the right job. And SEO has its place.  Paid advertising for fast sales and SEO for long-term growth. But for most new businesses, immediate cash flow takes precedence over long-term growth.
If you are in a very competitive SEO market you will want to apportion more of your budget to paid online advertising rather than SEO. That’s because the SEO payback period is longer.  But if your relevant keywords are less competitive or you are in a specialty niche that is not yet dominated; then you want to spend more on SEO because it will make relatively quicker gains that last longer compared to more cost competitive keywords.


Did you buy an SEO “package”? Usually they just take your money and run.

I hear the SEO horror stories all the time from small business owners who were told they would get “to the top of Google in 30 days”.

Are you paying exorbitant SEO service fees month after month with little or no results?
Do you even know what your SEO service provider is supposedly doing for you?
Call me for a free SEO services evaluation.



Your SEO campaign should begin with fresh, quality content on your website.  Google and other search engine’s SEO rankings like to be fed a
steady stream of fresh, original content.  So you need to constantly
add fresh new original content to your website.
The single most effective thing you can do to improve your SEO score over time is to add a blog to your website.  You need to write at least 2-3 original, quality blog posts on your site each week.


What you should expect in terms of SEO results.
What quality SEO services look like.
How to select and evaluate SEO services providers.
How to interpret your SEO reports and know if you are making satisfactory progress.
How to find and deploy the right keywords.
DIY? I will teach you how to do SEO yourself if you have the time and interest.

SEO is not rocket science. You can learn it. It’s based on just a few simple fundamentals which are easily mastered; but must be applied relentlessly through hard work and persistence.


There’s no magic bullet or secret sauce to SEO. So don’t fall for the BS that the hype artists are pushing. SEO is all about a lot of hard work getting the right keywords on your web assets in the proper density. You also need website traffic and backlinks.  Backlinks are hyperlinks on other sites that link to your site; so they are inbound links.  Backlinks are not on your own site.  Those are called outbound links.  Even then it takes time to get to the top of “page one” naturally. I will teach you how.


SEM is paid online advertising. Got budget? Let’s design a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy for your business.

Integrated Pay per click (PPC) marketing and advertising campaigns on Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram.


Learn WordPress and SEO at home on your own website via Zoom screen sharing.
Learn to add new content, pictures, videos, products, advertising and blogs to your WordPress website with NO CODING WHATSOEVER using WordPress tools.

You’ll be proud of your website and we can build expand one or even switch it out for another design later if your business is successful.


Your website should be integrated with your social media accounts through like and share buttons and social media post imports.

Coming Soon:  The #1 Secret To Send Your SEO Ranking Straight To The Top

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