My WordPress Website Stopped Sending Admin Emails Like Contact Form Submissions in 2023

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Did your WordPress website stop sending site admin emails like:
Contact form reply emails not sending.
Reset user password emails not sending.
WooCommerce new order emails not showing up.
Other shopping cart new order emails not arriving.
Change of admin email confirmation never arrives.

And none of these emails are showing up in spam either.

There is a new email delivery requirement on the Internet that few people currently know about.

Virtually all information on the Internet about this problem is out of date because this is a new delivery requirement in 2023.   It is a new email authentication standard that helps protect senders and recipients from spam, spoofing, and phishing.  Gmail and many other email providers recently started implementing this new standard in mid-2023.

People will try to tell you that your contact form plugin is not configured correctly.  Or they will say that your email server is not properly configured to work with the PHP programming language of WordPress.  But what if everything was working fine before?  Emails were sending, maybe for years but one day you discovered that it just quit sending email?  This is not a problem of improper configuration because we know it was configured correctly before and you didn’t change anything to mess it up.

How to Fix the WordPress Not Sending Emails Issue?

I can fix it. Call me now.

First we will need to know what the name of the mail server is that your web host uses for sending WordPress website admin emails.  We will need to either look it up online or if not available, call support at your web host to get this information.

Next we need to find out where your domain name is registered. 

We will also need access to your domain registration account.


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