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Learn WordPress
And Elementor on
your own website!

hands on wordpress training

Learn by doing online with Zoom screen-sharing.
I show you how, then it's your turn to do the clicking.

Recent Tutoring Clients

On most of the projects below, I did the initial web design and page layouts.
Then I trained the client to finish the site themselves with their own specific content.
Clients also learned how to update, maintain and expand their websites.

Online WordPress Tutoring

take control of your website!

I will empower you to create, manage and promote your own online business with absolutely zero programming skills.

Learn WordPress at home on your own website via Zoom screen sharing (no camera). Hands-on training. Learn by doing. I show you how then it's your turn to do the clicking. Learn to add new content, pictures, videos, products, advertising and blogs to your WordPress website with NO CODING WHATSOEVER using WordPress tools.

I only teach WordPress with the Elementor page builder.
Read on to know why. It's easy to get a FREE Elementor Pro license.

WordPress Tutor

about Dave

Web Design On WordPress

My name is Dave. Thanks for checking out my services!

About Me

Mature professional with 20 years of online business creation experience
Located in the Southern California
I do all the work myself and don’t farm it out to subcontractors overseas as most do on CL
Yes, many of the ads you see on here are simply lead generators who sell your job to subcontractors

My Business Philosophy

Answer the phone
Call clients back promptly
Provide competitive quotes and prices
Give great value for the money
Do what I promised
Seek my clients’ best interest and provide sound consulting advice
Design beautiful, functional websites that are easy to update, maintain and expand
Free clients from web “master” techno-serfdom 









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